Fueling micro-merchants with the power of mobile payments

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Proximity payments done right

Accept micro-payments from any consumer with a smartphone

Scan & Pay

Scan a Sling wristband to identify a micro-merchant and pay securely

Instant Payment

One-Tap payment! Less than 5 seconds to complete a transaction

You're in control

Never have to share your credit-card again: Scan, Tap, Pay!

Lightning Quick

Start accepting payments in less than 2 minutes. it's as easy as it gets.

Gear up!

Get a Champion's kit full with sling's Payment-Enabled elements; wristband, stickers, tags and pins

Zero Hardware!

No dongles. No hardware. No credit companies. Just you and your customer.

Micro Merchants

If you are a making a living as a micro-merchant it is time to harness the power of mobile payments into your business

We will equip you (for free) with a unique set of accessories called Slings; Wristbands, tags and even stickers that can be applied anywhere. All your customer needs to do is scan any of these Slings and pay you on the spot!

  • Clients scan your Sling wristband and instantly identify & pay you
  • Funds are transferred to your account every week
  • No more hassle. Goodbye spare change!
  • Manage your business' personal customer club

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The most convenient way to pay with your smartphone. Quickly scan a merchant’s wristband using the Sling app, pick a payment sum, and you’re done. It's time to go cashless!

  • Scan & identify any micro-merchant on the spot
  • Control every aspect of the transaction
  • Rate your merchant to show your appreciation
  • Earn perks for tipping & socializing


Disrupting small change

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